About The Lao- American Buddhist Monks Council

The Lao-American Buddhist Monks Council was established in 1981 by current Council President, Ven. Abbot Bouakeo Sengsouriya. The purpose of the Council is to unite & reunite Lao-American Buddhist monks in the USA; to promote Buddhist teachings, tradition, and literature; to encourage & expand the construction of Lao Buddhist temples, monasteries, and centers throughout the USA; to assist & support Lao-American Buddhist monks, and to give support and encouragement to the minds and hearts of all.

In what we know today as Laos, almost the entire population practices Buddhism, with the temple, or Wat, serving as the center of village life. Most Lao-Americans are also Buddhists, though many have converted to Protestant Christianity, especially in areas where there is no significant Laotian community to sustain traditional practices. Additionally, due to a lack of funds, Lao-American Buddhist temples are frequently established in converted garages, private homes, and other makeshift centers.

In 1976, approximately ten thousand refugees from Laos fled across the border into Thailand and were admitted to the United States. By 1990, according to the U.S. Census, there were about 150,000 Lao-Americans living in the United States. Today, the majority of Lao-Americans maintain a low profile in the United States, and consequently, few Americans have much knowledge of Laotian culture and people. As a result, the everyday American knows Laotian people by stereotypes, whether positive or negative, rather than by the reality of rich culture and people.

To this day, many Lao-Americans retain the values from our homeland. Most significant among these values is the practice of Buddhism, which pervades every aspect of Lao-American life; while individual Lao-Americans may not follow all Buddhist teachings, its philosophy serves as a behavioral guide.

This year, at the 2022 Annual General Conference, we are honored to gather with an interfaith community at the Salt Lake City Capitol, and to collectively recognize and bless our newly constructed temple in West Valley City, Utah.

Fundraiser: Wat Lao SLC New Year’s Artist & Performers

Lao-American Buddhist Monks Council logo

We are thrilled to introduce our GoFundMe campaign, dedicated to supporting young Asian artists and performers at the Lao New Year event at Wat Lao SLC. Our mission is to provide a platform for individuals between the ages of 5 and 18 to connect with their heritage, express themselves through art, and foster intercultural connections.

Lao New Year is a vibrant celebration that embraces the rich traditions of Lao culture, and is an opportunity to showcase the diversity of the Asian diaspora at large. However, many young artists within our communities lack the necessary resources to fully participate in these meaningful experiences. Our goal is to bridge this gap and give these talented individuals an opportunity to shine.

The funds raised will directly benefit pageant contestants and performers, helping them overcome financial barriers to their involvement. By supporting these young artists, we can inspire and empower them to become ambassadors of their cultures, promoting understanding and appreciation for the diverse Asian diaspora.

Thank you for your generosity and for being a part of this incredible endeavor!

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Community News/Events

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Uniting Lao-American Buddhist monks in the USA

A Special Thanks

 We want to give a tremendous thanks to our volunteers from:

Hunter 8th ward Youth of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Troop 111 of Magna


Uniting Lao-American Buddhist monks in the USA

Support Your Community

We are proud of our members and the community they have help create.

Some of our members have recently been awarded flags from the state of Utah in recognition of their exemplary spirit of volunteerism to the community and success of the Wat Lao Salt Lake Buddharam.

Buddhism as a guiding philosophy in Lao-American life

In-Kind Donations

Wat Lao Salt Lake Buddharam is accepting donations to help grow our community!

In-Kind Donations Needed:
• Kitchen supplies
• Bathroom supplies
• Office supplies
• Tables & chairs
Donations can be delivered to the temple any day, any time. Please package donations in sealed bags or boxes, and clearly label them as donations for Wat Lao Salt Lake Buddharam.

Delivery address: 7010 W Parkway Blvd, WVC, UT 84128

Or text:

385-274-8895 or

801-641-9616 for pickup.


Behavioral guide provided by Buddhism

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations can be made via Venmo.

Tax deduction ID provided upon request.

Please text Lena Sisavath-Pham at:


Charivone Keomanivong (Bpou) at: 801-641-9616

Interfaith community gathering at the Salt Lake City Capitol
Lao-American representation at the 2022 Annual General Conference
Community Care

Much Needed Help

There are members in our community that need your help. If you are willing, we would be very greatful if you were able to volunteer and provide much needed assistance. 

Our Community Celebrates

We are excited for our upcoming temple. Our community will benefit greatly by having our new facility to a sacred space for our members. We hope you will do us the honor of sharing this space with you. 

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