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Our community is a safe place for those who are looking for a place to expand their cultural and social activities. We welcome everyone who is looking to uplift others. 

Call Us: 801-255-1546
Visit Us: 7010 Parkway Blvd, Salt Lake City, UT 84128

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Post & Truss Estimate

Please see the attached layout and price estimate from Ready Made Truss for your recently submitted project. Our total price to provide trusses for your project is $33,447.34   This price includes all of the following: • All trusses indicated as per plans and/or...

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It is a steel brace mounting system with straps and is adjustable to account for the plumbing and concrete footing up to 7″

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Below is the standard set up shown in 9″ x 48″ black fiberglass tanks, Clack D1400 1 inch valve head and Installation kit.

Worldwide Organization

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